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Action Indoor Sports Stadiums are the most modern and professionally administrated indoor sports venues of their type in New Zealand.

Try out our latest craze American Football Indoors… (Gridiron X)

Gridiron X is fun, easy to learn and based on the traditional American sport. The rules have been modified to allow for the fact that the game is being played not only indoors, but also with safety for all paramount. This game is a Touch version NOT TACKLE so great for all abilities.

Gridiron X Basics

  • 14 minute halves
  • Men's or mixed grades
  • 4 aside
  • 3 substitute players
  • Mixed teams must have 2 females on the court
  • Kick a field goal or Extra point

We hope you decide to accept the challenge and enter your team, and we look forward to welcoming you to the ACTION

Best Regards



A typical season consists of pre-season grading games, competition round games, and depending on how your team has faired in the round games, semi-finals and finals. All finals are held on the same day, and prizes are awarded to the winners and runners up in all grades.


Each team will play their games on their preferred playing day. By far the majority of each team's games will be scheduled on their preferred playing day, but there will be some games scheduled to be played on Sundays during each competition and all teams are expected to play all scheduled games.

  • Adult
    • Men's - Monday
    • Mixed - Monday
  • Youth (14-17years) - Friday


To enable us to provide your teams with the most suitable schedule of game times possible, when entering your team you must select which time zones are best suited to your team on both your preferred playing day and on Sundays.


Our competitions run all year round, and below is a schedule of the timings in which each of our competitions are played.

  • Summer League November to March
  • Autumn League March to June
  • Winter League June to November


To enable us to maintain our payment structure, all teams must play all of their scheduled games. If a team cancels or defaults any game they will incur a $40.00 cancellation fee that must be paid prior to their next scheduled game.

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